New for 2020
G100 Monit Rally Computer model
G200 Monit Rally Computer model


With its careful selection of essential features, the new Monit G-100+ model is the perfect entry-level rally computer for professional rally teams. The compact and light-weight design combined with the simple installation afforded by GPS make it easy to fit into any modern, classic or historic rally vehicle.
It is also ideal for use in rally reconnaissance (recce) vehicles.


The top of the range Monit G-200+ rally computer has all the features required for the highest level of competition. The main advantages over the G-100+ are the addition of a time-of-day clock, multiple average speed counters, additional stopwatch, a stage recorder and a fuel management system.
For competitors that demand the most from their equipment the Monit G-200+ is the ideal choice.

Feature Summary

Feature Q-10 Q-20 G-100+ G-200+
GPS+ Operation (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo)     GPS+ ✔ GPS+ ✔
Wheel & Speed Sensor Operation SS ✔ SS ✔ or SS ✔ or SS ✔
Total Distance (5-digit)
Interval Distance (5-digit)
Current Speed  
Average Speeds    
Maximum Speed    
Quick Adjust Distance Up/Dwn    
Stopwatch #2      
Fuel Gauge      
Time of Day      
Overspeed Alarm      
Special Stage Recorder      
Vehicle Performance Timers    
Programmable Hand & Foot Reset Inputs 1x 1x 2x 2x
Operation in Miles or KPH

FIA Manufacturer Models

Available to OEM manufacturers are the Monit T-100+ and T-200+ models. These are the same as the current G-Series+ units but have the GPS functions physically de-activated. They are predominately used by WRC or FIA vehicle manufacturers such as M-Sport, Citroen Sport, Peugeot Sport, Opel Motorsport etc to meet special regulations required by the FIA in certain circumstances for these manufacturers.

Rest assured that the best choice for the customer is to purchase the G-100+ or G-200+, allowing the same functions as the manufacturer supplied units, but with the additional flexibility of GPS+ functions as and when required.

Previous Models

G-100 & G-200

New for 2020 the Monit G-100+ and G-200+ are superior too, and therefore supersede, the previous G-100 and G-200 models.

Pre 2014 T-Series

Prior to 2014 there were the T-100, T-200 and TC100 and TC200 models. These models used older technology hardware and do not have as many features. They also do not have GPS hardware on the PCB.