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Monit Rally Computers

Monit is the premium manufacturer of high-quality tripmaster and rally computer products for clubman and professional rally teams. Designed using the latest technology, they are light-weight, easy to use and packed with features. Proven on events from the punishing World Rally Championship (WRC) to the iconic Peking to Paris, they are the perfect addition to any modern, classic or historic vehicle.
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Front view of Monit T100 or G100+ tripmeter
Front view of Monit brake bias dial

Monit Brake Dial

Confidently take control of your brake balance with the new Monit Brake bias Dial.

Designed to work with all race pedal boxes, racing pedal assemblies, and balance bars, the new Monit Brake Dial is a remote brake bias adjuster that allows you to easily view, and adjust, the position that your brake bias is set to. Reset the display to ‘zero’ at your preferred position and confidently adjust for changing conditions to gain maximum braking performance - knowing you can accurately return to your starting point if you need to.
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New Brake Dial 2021

Patents Pending on the Monit Brake Dial

Classic or oldtimer rally car in Peking to Paris Rally
Citroen Racing C3 R5 Rally Car
Interior of classic or historic rally car
Msport Fiesta R5 WRC rally car

Monit Rally Computers are used by the leading rally manufacturers including; Citroen Racing, Peugeot Sport, M-Sport (Ford), Toyota Gazoo Racing and Opel Motorsport in WRC events. Monit tripmeters are also used by top teams in regularity and oldtimer rally events such as the Mille Miglia, Tulpenrallye and the Peking to Paris Endurance rally.